Sharon Eckstein

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Sharon B. Eckstein is an attorney with 20 years of mediation and dispute resolution experience. Eckstein Conflict Resolution Services offers mediation, facilitation, conflict coaching and training. Sharon has a particular focus on disputes involving those who have had prior relationships or who maintain ongoing contact  - employment and workplace, family matters, business partnerships, organizational boards, condo/HOA owners, and community land use disputes.  A member of the American Arbitration Association employment mediation panel, she also frequently mediates employment discrimination charges at the Philadelphia regional office of the EEOC, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.  Lecturer in Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School since 2005, she teaches and supervises students enrolled in mediation clinical courses.  Sharon has been a member of the Lower Merion (PA) Human Relations Commission since its formation in 2011 and currently serves as its chair. She designed and implemented the LMHRC mediation program and has mediated all complaints.


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