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George Cunningham has been providing consulting services to clients for 30-plus years. In 2006, he formed PelliGroup and the company was re-branded in 2011 as Chanico LLC. Today he continues to lead the firm that is recognized as one of the premier sources for independent expertise, trusted advice, and meaningful guidance in the information and records management discipline. In addition to his systems and strategic consulting work, Mr. Cunningham serves as an expert witness on information management, document management, and records management topics and is an advisor to venture capitalists and private equity placement groups about records management industry trends and investment opportunities. He has served on boards of directors of both technology and service organizations and has lectured in the United States and abroad to university audiences, professional groups and bar associations. As an author, Mr. Cunningham's work includes the chapter on records management in an earlier version of Nonprofit Governance and Management, a joint publication of the ABA Section of Business Law and the American Society of Corporate Secretaries. Mr. Cunningham is a frequent speaker at annual professional association conferences, regional seminars, and local meetings. He has contributed to membership activities, technology and systems initiatives, and to the publications board for ARMA International, the records management professional association. Mr. Cunningham is a member of ARMA and an associate member of both the American Bar Association and the DC Bar Association. He can be reached at


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