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Dr. Marinakis has 20 years of jury research, study, and applied practice in law and psychology.  With homes in Los Angeles and Baltimore, Christina has assisted trial counsel during jury selection and with daily trial monitoring in venues across the country, helping clients obtain defense verdicts in notoriously difficult jurisdictions including New York, Baltimore, Miami, St. Louis, Oakland, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Christina draws from her backgrounds in law, psychology, and jury research to draft juror questionnaires, voir dire questions, jury instructions, and verdict forms.  Through her experience conducting focus groups, mock trials, and shadow juries, she has analyzed hundreds of mock jurors, in addition to interviewing actual jurors post-verdict.  Christina regularly assists counsel in developing and implementing trial themes throughout voir dire, opening statements, and witness testimony, and she is particularly skilled at translating legal concepts to juror vernacular.  Her case experience includes product liability, transportation, antitrust litigation, class action, legal and medical malpractice, contract disputes, patents, securities, fraud, trade secrets, employment discrimination, wage and hour, toxic tort and criminal work for both prosecutors and defendants.



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