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Ann Guinn bridges the gap between what attorneys learned in law school and what they need to know in real life about how to build and maintain a profitable law practice. Through membership groups, her free e-newsletter, webinars/CLEs, and one-on-one consulting, she's helped thousands of solo and small firm attorneys increase revenues, attract great new clients, develop systems for increased efficiencies and productivity, provide better service for happier clients, and enjoy a higher level of satisfaction from the practice of law. Ms. Guinn's areas of expertise include marketing for small law firms, financial analyses, value-added services, billing and collections procedures, fee structures, and long/short-range planning. Ms. Guinn is also the author of, "Minding Your Own Business: The Solo and Small Firm Lawyer's Guide to a Profitable Practice." This one-of-a-kind book offers proven answers to the law practice management issues that affect the profitability, efficiency, and productivity of small law firms. A "must" for any small firm lawyer's bookshelf!


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