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Principal and Founder at Krill Strategies, a behavioral health consulting firm exclusively for the legal profession.

Recognized globally as a leading authority on addiction and mental health issues in the legal profession, 
Patrick R. Krill is an attorney, licensed and board certified alcohol and drug counselor, author, advocate, and thought leader. His groundbreaking work in the area of attorney behavioral health includes initiating and serving as lead author of the first and only national study on the prevalence of attorney addiction and mental health concerns, a joint undertaking of the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Patrick's highly specialized background and unique breadth of knowledge relating to the substance use and mental health of lawyers make him a widely sought after expert and trusted resource for solving one of the legal profession's most difficult problems.

Patrick is the former director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's Legal Professionals Program, a preeminent clinical treatment program for addicted attorneys, judges and law students. While leading that program, he counseled many hundreds of legal professionals from around the country who sought to better understand and overcome the unique challenges faced on a lawyer’s road to recovery. From young solo practitioners to equity partners in the largest global firms, law students to sitting judges, Patrick has successfully counseled patients from around the world and across all practice settings, offering distinctive guidance and uniquely qualified insights about achieving and maintaining recovery, health and wellness in the practice of law. Patrick continues to serve as Public Affairs and Policy Advisor to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.


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