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Suffolk University Law School


     Dwight Golann is Professor ofLaw at Suffolk University in Boston and an active mediator of legal disputes.He has led seminars on mediation and mediation advocacy for federal courts, the ABA, state bar associations, the European Union, and law firms and corporations. Professor Golann is the author of five books, including Mediating Legal Disputes and How to Sharea Mediator’s Powers, both published by the ABA. He is co-author of three law school texts on dispute resolution.

     Before becoming an academic and neutral, Prof. Golann was an active litigator. He served as Chief of the Trial Division of the MassachusettsAttorney General’s Office, directing the litigation and settlement of all claims brought against the state, and as a special prosecutor. He has tried and argued cases from local juries to the Supreme Court and mediated hundreds of civil cases in numerous subject areas.

     Professor Golann has been named multiple times to America’s Best Lawyers, is the recipient of the LifetimeAchievement Award of the American College of Civil Mediators and serves as Scholar in Residence for the International Academy of Mediators He is a graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Law School.


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