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I have 25 years of experience advising on and managing air quality compliance programs, emissions inventory, modeling and permitting, project and client management, high-level agency interaction and negotiation, environmental data analysis, monitoring plan development, and operation of air quality monitoring instrumentation and methodology.

I have honed a niche expertise in Colorado Oil and Gas regulatory rules and manage multiple projects related to the changing landscape of air compliance rules applied to the regulated industry in the DJ Basin.


Environmental Coordinator – Air Quality                                 December 2017 - Present

Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc.


·         Perform oversight for all of Extraction’s air programs and ensure compliance with state, local, federal and municipal regulations.

·         Assist company with special air quality projects to better inform public about air quality issues.

·         Experienced with negotiating and providing information for federal, state and local regulatory agencies.

·         Negotiated terms for consent orders, and lead responses to compliance advisories.

·         Advise management, government affairs groups, and field operations on impactful regulatory changes which could affect the company’s operations.


Air Quality Scientist and Project Manager                  September 2014 – December 2017

Air Basics, Inc.


·         Became an expert in the interpretation of Colorado Regulation 3 and Regulation 7 updates and compliance.

·         Maintained a strong understanding of oil and gas processes as they relate to air quality rules and regulations, such as pneumatics, engines, combustors, separation technology, etc.

·         Responsible for ongoing compliance for stationary sources, APEN updates, permitting, and LDAR and STEM programs for small and large leaseholders.

·         Modeled emissions using simulation software such as ProMax®, E&P Tanks and EPA Tanks.

·         Familiar with greenhouse gas reporting and Quad Oa compliance and reporting.

·         Developed and maintained emission inventories, reviewed gauge sheets and production reporting platforms such as PRAMSplus© and P2 eVIN®.



Principal Air Quality Scientist, Corporate Secretary, Board Member        Oct 2001 – August 2014

Air Sciences  Inc.

Air Sciences Technical Project Management

·         Provided project oversight throughout the western United States, including Alaska.  Work with permitting and modeling personnel to ensure proper site location, monitoring parameters, and that other details are properly designed and carried out for each special-purpose monitor.

·         Executed successful baseline data collection programs for large oil and gas projects such as the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline (ASAP) and shale oil development in western Colorado.

·         Wrote operating procedures for a wide variety of monitoring and testing methods, discussing use and calibration of equipment and interpretation of analytical data.  These procedures were used by site personnel and submitted in the site(s) SOW (statement of work) and QAPP (quality assurance project plan).

·         Skilled in the installation, calibration, and repair of meteorological, particulate, and gaseous instrumentation and equipment, including TSP, PM2.5 and PM10 samplers, continuous TEOM PM10 monitors, continuous Beta Attenuation Monitors, filter-based automatic samplers manufactured by Met One and Thermo Scientific, meteorological sensors, and various gaseous analyzers, such as monitors for NOX, O3, CO, SO2, BTEX, etc.

·         Familiar with assessment, storage, telemetry, and reporting of all data collected from above listed instruments.

·         Experienced in the use and interpretation of data from environmental monitoring equipment, such as noise monitors, dust monitors, heat stress monitors, and other site-specific health and safety monitoring equipment. 

·         Completed EPA Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) for PM2.5 and lead audits.

·         Knowledgeable in the regulatory requirements and monitoring methods for Leak Detection and Repair, IR camera monitoring, and Method 21.

·         Collected, processed, and reported meteorological and air quality data sets according to U.S. EPA and state agency guidelines for use in AERMOD dispersion modeling, along with baseline and compliance monitoring projects.   

·         Capable of safely climbing to and working on sensors and measurement devices at heights as great as 200’. 


Air Sciences Corporate Management

·         Established client base and life-long relationships with decision makers in oil and gas, mining, power, consulting, and other environmental disciplines.

·         Served four years as a shareholder, corporate manager, corporate secretary, and board member for Air Sciences.

·         Designed and presented key employee program to encourage young professionals.

·         Appointed to advisory committee for Air Sciences’ Health and Safety program.

·         Skillful assessment of labor rates and budgetary assessment for new projects.


Mobile Field Services Laboratory Manager                                                 1994 – Sept 11, 2001

URS Corporation


·         Set up full environmental laboratory and environment monitoring equipment for a long-term project in Beirut, Lebanon.  Wrote site-specific procedures and was responsible for training Lebanese staff.  Supported this project and was responsible for quarterly audits for over two years.  Worked closely with British auditors, which lead to laboratory certification.

·         Executed successful international site assessments for air force bases in Japan and Turkey.  Coordinated the shipping of chemicals, instrumentation, and materials necessary for each specific site.  Provided technical advice and interpretation of data to the clients.

·         Performed analysis onsite with the appropriate approved methodology, locally and overseas, using mobile laboratories for a wide variety of organic and inorganic contaminants.

·         Managed coordination between clients and other site contractors on a multitude of domestic projects.

·         Proficient in the use, maintenance, and repair of laboratory instrumentation in the following fields: gas chromatography (GC-PID/ECD/FID/ELCD/TCD), gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), Atomic Absorption (AA/GFAA/CVAA), inductively coupled plasma (ICP), ion chromatography (IC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) and infrared (IR) spectrophotometry.




·         B.S. – Biology, Missouri Southern State College


·         40-hour HAZWOPER Training and 24-hour MSHA Training

·         Fall Protection Training

·         CPR and First Aid

·         SafeLand USA Training

·         FLIR certification




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