Daniel Bender

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A Senior Consultant and Manager at Digital Evidence Group in Washington, DC, Daniel Bender is an experienced litigator and, since 2007, has been a litigation consultant assisting trial teams from across the country developing strategies for and creating their demonstratives. Publications by Dan include: Demonstratives: Definitive Treatise on Visual Persuasion, American Bar Association (Nov. 2017), Winning or Losing Your Case in the Blink of an Eye: An Exploration the Intersection of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” and Litigation, Law360 (Nov. 18, 2013), Happy Holidays from the ITC, The Am. Law Daily (Feb. 25, 2013), My Odyssey: From Litigator to Litigation Consultant, American Bar Association (Mar. 5, 2013), The Art of Advocacy Design, American Bar Association (Feb. 9, 2011), Demonstratives on Direct, Practicing Law Institute (Dec. 2009), Alternative Dispute Resolution Manual: Implementing Commercial Mediation, IFC/World Bank Group (Nov. 2006), Limiting the Options, Legal Times (June 3, 2002), New International Commercial Arbitration Evidence Rules Economize, Appeal to Common and Civil Lawyers, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (Oct. 1999), Case Commentary: In re Application to Quash Grand Jury Subpoena Duces Tecum Served on the Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.U. J. of Int’l L. & Pol. (Fall 1998), and An Alternative Approach to Settling Disputes over Stolen Art, N.Y.L.J. (Aug. 12, 1998).


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