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Dennis Kennedy is an information technology lawyer and legal technology author based in St. Louis, Missouri. Dennis is Senior Counsel for Digital Payments and Labs in the law department of Mastercard. He is also well known for his influential role in promoting the use of technology in the practice of law. Dennis writes a technology column for the ABA Journal, co-hosts a legal technology podcast called The Kennedy-Mighell Report on the Legal Talk Network, has co-authored the books: LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers (with Allison Shields, now in second edition, LinkedIn in One Hour (with Allison Shields), Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers (with Allison Shields), and The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together (with Tom Mighell). He has published hundreds of articles on legal technology topics and currently serves as Chair of the board of the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center. His blog, DennisKennedy.Blog (http://, has been a highly regarded resource on legal technology topics since its launch in early 2003.


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