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The Global Environmental Ethics Counsel is a law practice addressing product liability prevention for a broad range of existing products, as well as the regulatory and liability implications of emerging technologies such as biotechnology and semiconductor lithography. Our practice includes the creation of ethical codes of conduct that allow owners and users of emerging technologies to anticipate the liability standards that could be imposed in the future and find ways to meet customer concerns that may not rise to the level of known risks to human health or the environment. We currently advise on the liability risks of virtually any product (in cooperation with LBI Safety Services Inc.) including managing health and safety issues in workplace and product safety. As the global marketplace becomes increasingly interconnected, this advise includes compliance with international environmental health and safety requirements. Current projects include preparation of product liability risk management programs for agricultural biotechnology, lasers, and manufactured food products.

As principal, Thomas P. Redick has represented Fortune 500 manufacturers as well as smaller clientele. He has advised the American Soybean Association since 1998 on liability prevention issues, has handled global environmental issues for Cymer Inc., and is a frequent speaker at industry meetings relating to liability for emerging technologies.

In 2010, he was elected to be the 40th president of the Council for Agricultural Science & Technology. See, In 2008, he was appointed to chair the St. Louis Regional Sustainability Task Force, reviewing options for making St. Louis more environmentally sustainable through public-private partnerships.



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