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The reviewer is an attorney serving as director of Timothy Reiniger LLC in Portland, Maine. Previously, he served as Director of the Digital Services Group of FutureLaw, LLC, in Richmond, Virginia. He specializes in information law and policy (governance, privacy, and security). He is a nationally recognized expert on the notary office and information policy, testifying on these topics before the US House Judiciary Committee, the California House and Senate Judiciary Committees, the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee, and the Hague Conference on Private International Law. As an author, he has contributed articles on information law to the ABA's SciTech Lawyer and the Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review, as well as a chapter on electronic notarization to Foundations of Digital Evidence, authored by George L. Paul and published by the American Bar Association (2008). He is a member of the ABA's E-Discovery and Digital Evidence Committee and is licensed to practice in California, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia. (2/2013)


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