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With 17 years of experience as an advertising attorney at the FTC, Phyllis brings a unique advertising vantage point to Chevron. Phyllis heads the firm’s advertising counseling practice, and focuses on all aspects of advertising campaigns, from the initial development of claims to their ultimate defense in the marketplace.

     Former Federal Trade Commissions Chief of Staff for advertising practices, and leader of the FTCs childrens privacy enforcement program.

     Practice includes claim creation and substantiation, pre-acquisition due diligence, dissemination in traditional and digital media, and both offensive and defensive competitor challenges.

     Represents clients before the FTC, state Attorneys General and the National Advertising Division (NAD) and in private litigation throughout the country.

     Assists with substantiating health and efficacy claims; reviewing food, drug and cosmetic packaging and labeling; developing branded content, endorsements, testimonials, user-generated content and influencer campaigns; making green and country of origin claims; marketing to children; designing loyalty programs, sweepstakes, promotions and contests; creating warranties, guarantees and service contracts; and marketing regulated products to of-age consumers.

     Counsels clients on the intricacies of compliance with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).


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