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I am a trial and appellate lawyer. In the fields of antitrust and intellectual property law in which I have specialized, what I bring to the table – in addition to a deep knowledge and understanding of the substantive legal doctrines and modes of analysis – are the following skills and attributes:

Judgment – I provide my clients (whether public or private) with the benefit of my sound judgment, honed through the whetstone of experience, both from cases lost as well as cases won. As a trial and appellate lawyer, I am keenly aware that decisions generally have attendant risks and consequences, and that making a particular decision usually means taking a particular path towards a limited set of possible outcomes. I therefore strive to give my clients as crisp and clear a field of view as possible, with appropriate guidance, so that they can make informed choices and decisions at critical junctures.

Diligence – Trial and appellate work has taught me that there are no shortcuts to excellent results; cases are won by dint of diligence, full effort, and perseverance (as well as a bit of luck). That means knowing the facts, issues, and theories firsthand, and inside and out. In particular, the practice of antitrust and intellectual property law demands a hands-on approach because the disputes that arise in these fields generally call for a fact-intensive inquiry.

Advocacy – It goes without saying that advocacy is any trial and appellate lawyer’s stock in trade. But the term means more than just argument. In my book, advocacy is about persuasion, and argument alone does not, and will not, persuade unless it is made with a nuanced appreciation of how a decision maker wields his or her discretion. I have learned this through the many cases I have argued, tried, and appealed.


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