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Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton, is the principal of Hamilton Law and Mediation, (HLM) Debra provides an alternative means of resolving disagreements between pet enthusiasts over misunderstandings, misstatements or oversights.  She helps owners deal with neighbors over barking dog and divorcing couples arranging pet custody agreements.  She enables a less heated conversation to take place between vets and their clients, condo/coop - tenant and management and pet information or product providers and their readers or clients. Her mediation practice provides a neutral ground on which to have the conversation you want to have while peacefully retaining a relationship among the parties.  She helps her clients be heard and listen when in conflict.  She works with everyone who wants to further their passion involving pets while reducing their exposure to conflict and litigation. She has just released two new books, Nipped in the Bud-NOt in the Butt-How to use Mediation to Resolve Conflicts over Animals and Onward and Upward - Guide For Getting Through NY Divorces and Family Issues. You can reach Debra at 914-273-1085 or on her website at


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