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Edward Poll, Edward Poll & Associates, Inc., Venice, California Edward Poll has a law degree from UCLA and an M.B.A. from USC. He practiced law for 25 years as an in-house counsel, government prosecutor, sole practitioner and partner in a small law firm. He was also chief operating officer for a mid-size law firm in Los Angeles. Since 1990, he has been principal of LawBiz Management, where he collaborates with lawyers to increase their gross revenue and net profits and reduce their stress. He worked to create the ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.17 and was the catalyst for its most recent expansion. Mr. Poll has authored an entire catalogue of books and practical guides concerning The Business of Law. His most recent books include "Life After Law: What Will You Do With the Next 6,000 Days?," "The Profitable Law Office Handbook" (16th anniversary ed.) and "Secrets of the Business of Law" (2nd ed.), Other books include "Collecting Your Fee: Getting Paid from Intake to Invoice" (ABA 2003) and "Business Competency for Lawyers" (2006). 0314


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