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Dr Beaton is the co-founder of beaton, the leading research and advisory firm for professional services in the
Asia-Pacific, and a 
Senior Fellow in the Law School of The University of Melbourne.
He holds MD, MBA and 
PhD degrees.

George is widely regarded as a leading independent authority on the legal services industry and its firms.
His work covers Australia, Asia, USA, Canada, and UK. He has a particular interest in the imperative for
professional services firms to remake their business models. 
In 2013 he published the best-selling e-book 
NewLaw New Rules and co-authored with Dr Imme Kaschner Remaking Law Firms – Why and How
published by the American Bar Association in March 2016.

George's background in teaching strategy in business schools, combined with his work in public and private
sectors, professional services, universities and governments, and his own leadership of firms all give him deep
insights into the challenges and opportunities facing leaders and their organisations.

George has a keen interest in Australian native fauna, flora, bush conservation and Aboriginal art.


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