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Jay Foonberg,, Beverly Hills, CA Mr. Foonberg has successfully practiced Business Law, Business Litigation, Estate and Probate Litigation, Legal Ethics and Aviation Law." Mr. Foonberg has served in the ABA House of Delegates: He is on the Advisory Council for the ABA Commission on Evaluation of the Rules of Professional Conduct and was a founder of the ABA Law Practice Management Section. His book has been their best-seller every year since 1977. Mr. Foonberg is the author of three other important books, all available from the ABA: How to Get and Keep Good Clients , (3rd edition); Finding the Right Lawyer; and The ABA Guide to Lawyer Trust Accounts. A much sought after speaker, Mr. Foonberg has led seminars and taught client relations, malpractice prevention, ethics and client development in every one of the 50 states and as far afield as Europe, South America and Asia in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Mr. Foonberg earned his JD from UCLA Law School and has received CLE's highest honor, the prestigious Harrison Tweed Award. He lives and practices in Beverly Hills, California. 0909


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