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Jon Anderman is Assistant General Counsel at Intarcia Therapeutics, an emerging biotechnology company developing innovative therapies that utilize continuous drug delivery to improve outcomes in chronic diseases. He advises the company on the broad range of legal issues that manifest for a late-stage biotechnology company, including regulatory review and approval, product manufacturing, research and development, business development and strategic collaborations, corporate finance, and organizational risk assessment and mitigation. In particular, Jon focuses much of his time on providing strategic guidance related to the commercial launch of Intarcia’s lead product candidate (a combination drug and delivery device for the treatment of type 2 diabetes) and the build out of Intarcia’s commercial operations.


Prior to joining Intarcia, Jon worked in a global law firm advising companies on complex legal and regulatory matters unique to the health care and life sciences industry. Specifically, he represented pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, supply chain entities (e.g. specialty pharmacies, PBMs, wholesalers, distributors, service providers), healthcare technology companies, health plans, and strategic investors in the healthcare and life sciences space. These representations spanned from Medicare and Medicaid regulatory matters to complex fraud and abuse analyses to government investigations and white-collar litigation to corporate transactions.


Jon is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and Boston University School of Law. Outside of work, he enjoys outdoor sports, eating and drinking just about anything, and exploring the world with his wife, Erin.


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