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Jeffrey Ulatan

Ulatan, Jeffrey C.

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Ulatan, Jeffrey C.
Harvard Yard Mail Center
HYMC # 424
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Jeffrey Ulatan (Born 1991) is an Investment Manager for UGI Capital Investments based in New York City. He is also a Graduate at Harvard University  and is currently pursuing his MBA-JD Degree at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School. He is also an avid entrepreneur in multiple industries, and enjoys supporting startup projects, and businesses.


ABA BAR Membership # 05300906
NCBE Number: # N10556857
ABA Accredited Law School: Harvard Law School (MA)
ABA Account Type: Law Student
Email: jeffrey.ulatan@hls.harvard.edu

Jeffrey's main focus of study is Business Law, and he is currently a member of the following Committees, and boards.

  • ABA Tax Affiliated & Related Corporations Committee (Member)

  • ABA Tax Employment Taxes (Member)

  • Jury Commission Open Forum (Member)

  • Attorney Well-Being Committee (Member)

  • Law Firm Finance (Member)

  • Productivity & Knowledge Strategy Committee (Member)

  • Leadership Development (Member)

  • Gun Violence Committee (Board Member)

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Locations - travel expense reimbursement not required
United States (All)
Speaking Fee? Yes
75,000.00 (USD)
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Speaker Fee, research, and travel expenses per speaking session.

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