Deanna Adams

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Deanna Adams is a senior analyst with the Judicial Council of California, the policymaking body of California state courts, the largest state court system in the country. She acts as a subject matter expert on issues at the intersection of mental health and criminal justice, assisting with policy and court program development and implementation. Prior to this role, she was with The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center, where she worked with local and state governments to develop research-driven strategies to improve criminal justice and mental health outcomes, and previously served as joint staff to the CSG Justice Center and Chief Probation Officers of California. Ms. Adam also formerly oversaw a community-based organization that provides jail-based and reentry services in Santa Cruz County, CA, and engaged in private practice. She is currently appointed to the City of Sacramento Ethics Commission and will join the Board of Directors for the Forensic Mental Health Association of California beginning June 2020. 


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