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    Joseph L. Raia

    Chair Elect
    Nancy Kaymar Stafford

    Vice Chair
    Marcos Ríos

    Liaison Officer
    Melissa Pallett-Vasquez

    Revenue Officer
    Edward M. Mullins

    Programs Officer
    Clifford Sosnow

    Budget Officer
    David A. Schwartz

    Membership Officer
    Kenneth N. Rashbaum

    Rule of Law Officer
    Maximiliano Trujillo

    Policy/Government Affairs Officer
    Whitney Debevoise

    Publications Officer
    Caryl Ben Basat

    Diversity Officer
    Michelle Jacobson

    Technology Officer
    Markus Zwicky

    Communications Officer
    Deniz Tamer

    Secretary/Operations Officer
    Mikhail Reider-Gordon

    Immediate Past Chair
    Lisa Ryan