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Community List

Awards Committee

Book Publications Board

Business Law Committee

The committee incorporates the following practice areas: administrative and government law; agricultural law; bankruptcy; business opportunities and commercial law; consumer protection; corporate counsel law; gaming law; intellectual property law; international law; and urban, state and local government law.


Disaster Relief Committee

Diversity Board

Division 1: Administration

Division 2: Member Benefits

Division 3: Practice Specialty

Division 4: Practice Setting

Estate and Financial Planning Committee

This committee incorporates the following practice areas: business advice and financial planning; estate planning, probate and trust; and taxation.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee

Family Law Committee

This committee incorporates the following practice areas: elder law; family law; juvenile law; senior lawyers.

GPSolo eReport Board

GPSolo Magazine Board

Judiciary Committee


Legal Education and Young Lawyer Group

Law Student Committee | Legal Educators Committee | Young Lawyers Committee

Litigation Committee

This committee incorporates that following practice areas: alternative dispute resolution; criminal law; immigration law; labor, employment and civil rights law; litigation; tort and insurance practice; and workers compensation.

Member Benefits Board

Membership Board

Military Lawyers Committee

Pro Bono and Public Service Committee

Programs Board

Real Estate Law Committee

This committee incorporates the following practice areas: construction law; real estate law; and title, conveyancing and bar related title insurance funds.

Technology & Resource Center Committee

Women's Initiative Network (WIN)

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