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  • User Guide & FAQ

    How do I start a discussion?

    Navigate to the community you want to post in, click the “Discussions” tab then click “Post New Message”.

    How do I reply to a discussion?

    • Navigate to the “Discussions” tab in your community, click on the discussion you want to reply to, then click “Reply to Discussion” in the post you wish to respond to or click the drop down arrow next to the button which allows you to “Reply to Sender” privately.

    TIP: Reply to Discussion vs. Reply to Sender

    You can “Reply to Discussion” which posts your reply to the discussion thread and is visible to all members of that community, or you can “Reply to Sender” which sends your reply privately to the person who posted that particular discussion post.

    Check out the Expanded User Guide here.

    How do I join or leave a committee?

    If you belong to a Family Law committee, you have automatically been added to the corresponding community in Family Law Connect!

    If you would like to join or drop a Family Law committee, you can do so through americanbar.org/my-aba (under the left side navigation, select "Membership & Participation" and then "My Specialty Group Memberships and Committees"). By joining or dropping a committee, you will automatically be added or removed from the corresponding Family Law Connect community.

    If you would like to remain a member of a Family Law committee, but would like to manage the communication that you receive by going to your privacy preferences.