Muteab Alotabi

Contact Details


Current Position: Legal Advisor, Saudi Customs, Legal Representative before the Administrative Court, Money Laundering Expert, Cyber Crime and Cybersecurity Researcher. 


Membership : (IAP/SBA/ABA/ CMAS/I.O.F/ACFE / edx / ASIS /BrighTALK ) 


Goals Develop may Self and Upgrading and innovation in the field of practical and the Transfer the knowledge and experience to others to raise the work efficiency. Continue scientific research and self-development. 


Academic Qualifications 


Master's degree in criminal justice specialty flour (criminal policy) Nayef University Arab Academy for Security Sciences ( 2013). 


Higher Diploma in General Customs Administration in Riyadh Institute of Management ( 2001 ). 


Bachelor's degree in (law) King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah (1998). 


CAMS ( CCO ) RN. ER-000097267 


Certified Compliance Officer ( CCO ) p176215840. 


Professional Experience 


Former legal adviser for the Customs first Committee (customs court) in Jeddah             ( 2003 ) to ( 2007 ).     


Former legal adviser for the custom of Jeddah Islamic port (2003 ) to ( 2007).    

                                                                                                                    The legal representative of the Customs of Jeddah Islamic                                                Port in front of the Administrative Court (2003) to (2007 ).                     legal adviser for King Abdullah port in King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh                  ( 7/2015) to ( 1/2016).

Training courses 


* Anti - Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Program (The Justice Training      Center).       




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