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Honored to have served on the bench for over 30 yrs,( currently on Sr.status,still sitting at pleasure of Mn.Chief Justice.)Currently Pres./owner Benchmark National ADR LLC & Benchmark International ADR LLC. Performing Arbitration, Mediation, Trials and as Special Master. Voted Best Mediator in reader rankings by Lawyers in Mn. 2018, 2019,2020.Current:member ABA House of Deligates, RUle of Law Initiative(ROLI) Section International Law (ILS) Council, laisian to Center for Human Rights (CHR)from Dispute Resolution Section (DRS),  committees of ILS, Torts and Insurance Section(TIPS) DRS . Past:ABA Secr.2010-14, member of Board of Gov.(BOG)2000-2003, 2010-2014, Exec committee BOG 2003,2010-14.Chair BOG Program/planning 2003, operations 2010-2014. Past Chair ABA: Justice Center, Coaltion of Justice,Judicial Div Ethics & Prof committee,and Criminal Justice Section. Past Chair Fellows of American Bar Foundation. Served on Section councils of: Trial,Torts & Ins.,Criminal Justice Section. Current and past ABA  Pres. Appts: ROLI, Ctr for Human Rights, Center for Human Rights Advisory commitee, Bio ethics, judicial advisory standing com of Ethics and Professionalism, StC Judicial Independance, special Committee to revise the Model Judicial Code, Exec., Coalition for Justice and Justice Center. Also served twice ( 3 yr terms) as Mn. State Deligate to ABA, Nominating Committee ,on House of Delegates committees of Scope, RulesCalendar,Constitution & bylaws,Drafting.Served as BOG laisian to Domestic Violence Comm.,Energy and Resourses and FJE .Current Section Member of Civil Rights and Social Justice, Litigation,Tips, CJS, Dispute Resolution,International Law, Judicial Div and Sr. Lawyers, Serviing in the HOD on behalf of Mn. State Bar Assn. and Serving on Mn State Bar Assembly and advisory committee to Mn. Woman Lawyers Assn (a founding mother)Past Pres.: National Assn of Women Judges, Amdahl Inns of Court, Mn.Trial Lawyers.Life member International Assn of Women Judges. Previously served on Boards of: American Judicature Society, American Bar Foundation, Mn. State Bar Foundation and National Conference of Women's Bar Assn.s. International teaching,lecturing and International Legal Exchanges on Rule of Law, Constitutional law,women's,civil and human rights, criminal law and ADR:Ukraine,Moldova,Belarus,Rwanda,Cambodia,ChinaTurkey,Kosovo,Tanzania,Ecuador,Croatia,Serbia,Poland, Austria, Germany, Scotland, Ireland,Israel,Italy,Mynmar,Macau,Cuba as well as attending International meetings by invitation to the UN in Geneva and NY,The Hague and meetings in Japan,England, and Argentina.
Taught at the National Judicial College, Mn Judicial College at U of M, Harvard Law for Prof Ogeltree, Univ of St Thomas ( St Paul,Mn) Wm Mitchell College of Law. Numerous CLEs on various areas of substantive law. Recipient of Lifetime Achievment award from Mn. state Bar Assn 2018, Pres. Award 2016, Wm Mitchell College of Law Warren Burger Award, Henn. Co. Bar Assn. Professionalism Award.


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