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Dr. Cynthia Swann currently serves as the President and CEO of Swann Group Global (SGG) – a social change, social impact firm providing a complement of services intersecting advocacy, policy, politics and social justice. Through extensive relationships, expertise, and experience SGG functions as a change agent to create opportunities to meet social and organizational challenges in cooperation with some of the nation’s leading decision-makers in the private, public, philanthropic, and non-profit sectors.

Prior to founding SGG, Cynthia served as cabinet level senior counsel to the National Education Association (NEA) President, Executive Director, and senior elected leadership facilitating informed decisions on the strategic plan and organizational direction of the then 3.2M member NEA. She utilized her expertise and influence on a broad range of key domestic and international policy matters, legislative and campaign agendas (i.e. education, human & civil rights, international relations, labor, public health, social justice, state & local campaigns & elections, etc.), as well as on numerous priority initiatives, partnerships and coalitions. She articulated the Association vision and position in multiple venues, both domestic and global.

Dr. Swann has served as Chief Executive Officer at the King Drew Medical Center’s Ambulatory Care Center where she provided executive oversight of the daily operations of an urban hospital outpatient clinic, hospice, mental health, and drug abuse treatment patient care centers, with a focus on providing effective medical care for underprivileged, underserved, and indigent patients; documented and evaluated translational health issues, synthesized population- based prevention with evidenced based, community supported initiatives. Provided guidance and leadership on medical protocols and guidelines, administrative direction for budget, fiscal accountability, business development, as well as the recruitment, employment, development, and retention of physicians, nurses, and various non-medical professionals to ensure delivery of the highest quality medical care. Initiated and maintained community relationships and partnerships that supported the positive integration of the Center within the community. Reported directly to the Board of Directors.

Earlier in her career she supervised a high-risk intensive parole and probation unit where court appointed juvenile and adult offenders were assigned for critical assessment and intensive supervision based on the severity of offenses and potential for recidivism.

As a caseworker with Child Protective Services, she rendered decisions on emergency child protection based on evidence of abuse, neglect and the overall safety and well-being of the child.

Her extensive and varied professional and personal experiences have shaped her perspectives and enhanced her commitment to pursuing equal justice for all by advocating on the critical issues impacting social justice, human and civil rights.

Dr. Swann is a highly respected and recommended professional having received multiple awards and honors from recognized health, education, civic and humanitarian organizations. She is an active community leader with memberships in a diverse group of organizations. 


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