Q. How do I log in?
A. As a Section of Antitrust Law member, you already have access to CONNECT! Because of our single sign-on feature, you can login to the ABA website, and access CONNECT, without a secondary login procedure.
• Login to the ABA site, at ambar.org/antitrust (click the Log In link towards the top of the page).
• After you’ve logged in, click the CONNECT icon in the left area of the Section’s home page (left-side, blue "molecular" image).

Q. How do I import my LinkedIn profile information?
A. Follow the below instructions:

• Sign in to CONNECT
• In the upper-right corner, click the drop-down arrow, and select Profile
• Scroll down to the Import From LinkedIn section, click the green Import Info button

• Follow the LinkedIn prompts to allow access to your profile

Q: How do I update my profile?
A: Much of your basic profile information comes from your ABA profile.
To update ABA information, you must access and edit your ABA profile (ambar.org/MyABA). Profile changes take up to 24 hours to populate in CONNECT.


Other profile information - bio, honors and awards, professional associations, education, job history - are editable from within your profile. This data, however, can be easily imported from your LinkedIn profile (above).

Q: How do I navigate to my committees and access committee content?
A: Go to “Committees” in the top gray navigation bar.
Select “My Committees” to view the committees of which you’re currently a member.

Q: How do I manage my committee and email preferences?
On Connect, you can easily check your existing Committees by clicking My Communities and then you can adjust your email preferences.  Go to your profile (click Profile button from headshot in top-right corner of page) > My Account tab > Email Preferences > in Community Emails section, click Manage Community Notifications button.

Your official membership status in Section committees is controlled through the ABA. If you would like to add a committee or do not see your committees at My Committees, log into My ABA (http://ambar.org/MyABA) to review your existing committees or to join a committee.  (It may take up to 24 hours for your committee membership to take effect in CONNECT.)

Q: How do I post a message for discussion?
A: Go to “Participate” in the top gray navigation bar. Select “Post a Message” to start a discussion.
 Posting a message includes the ability to send an email with a link to the committee email address. 

TIP: Keep in mind, a fellow member may have already posted a similar discussion.  To find out, use the search box in the top-right area of the page, or click the Browse menu option, and then select “Discussion Posts” to review the most recent posts. Then join the discussion by replying!

Q: How do I attach a file to my message?
A: ​Connect-generated emails do not contain attachments. 
Any document attached to an email sent to a Connect Community is automatically placed in the Connect library and a link is provided in the Connect-generated email.

Q: How do I find resources that may have been uploaded by other members and committees?
A: Go to the Committee's landing page, then click on the “Library” tab. If you do not know where the resource might be, enter search keywords in the main search box in the top-right area, or select “Browse” then “Library Entries” to view the most recent uploads.


Q: How do I find out about upcoming events?
A: Click the “Events” menu in the top gray menu bar, then select “Upcoming Events”.

Q: What’s the difference between “Reply to Group” and “Reply to Sender”

A: “Reply to Group” is responding to everyone within the committee. “Reply to Sender” is responding to an individual person. So if you have a question directed towards an individual it is recommended that you use the “Reply to Sender” button. 


Q: I would like to reply to an individual that sent me a message. Can I hit "reply" in my email to respond to them?

A: No. Do not "reply" to a Connect email like you would a regular email. If you do, the reply will be sent to the whole committee. If you would like to reply to the individual that sent the message follow the steps below:

Step 1: To reply to the person who sent the email, click on "Reply to Sender" in the email.


Step 2: Once you click reply to sender it will take you to Connect page to form a message. If you're not already logged in, it will prompt you to log in. From there, you can form the message as seen below and click "Send".