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Moving Forward in 2021

Current Chair Joan C. Arnold

By Joan C. Arnold, Chair of the Tax Section

Happy 2021! I was more than happy to see 2020 in the rearview window, but I’m still waiting for the electric switch to be thrown to put 2021 in a new light. Somehow the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve just didn’t make it happen. I’m still working from home, still doing more Zoom calls than I care to, and still trying to chart our path as an organization without the ability to have in-person meetings.

But 2020 wasn’t all bad. On a personal level, we welcomed our first grandchild, which makes me remember what joy is all about. She is now almost one, and through the use of facetime, pictures and videos, it’s almost like we have been there to see her grow. Almost.

On a professional level, I realized how fortunate I am to have built up decades of relationships with clients and colleagues in the tax field. It sustains me through the trying times. I wonder, though, how those are faring who have many fewer years of experience and fewer colleagues to lean on. How can we make the Tax Section relevant to them, not just for substantive offerings but for the nurturing of a career and the person carrying out the career? How can we reach out to a broader, more diverse community to better advance and support the role of tax lawyers in the profession and break down implicit bias? ...

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Joan C. Arnold
Chair, ABA Section of Taxation


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